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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Woodland Drama Performance - Powerful!

The Woodland Drama Team Eclipse performs the skit " Everything" Nov 2008. It is a very powerful, moving video. Share with others


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lovely Sarasota Condo

Perfect 2/2 condo end unit, stainless steel appliances, large family room and enclosed porch. Laundry room and storage closet.
Right in Palm Aire, University Park, off of University Blvd. Close to 1-75. Contact Kathy Kelly for a showing 941-730-3251.
Enjoy the video below.

Sarasota Condo - $156K

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hard Money Source

So many principals on projects are losing money to unqualified lenders who promise to fund, make site visits, and never do. They are making a terrible name in our industry and hurting innocent principals. As owners/principals make sure you are working with professioanl consultants, such as Cascade Financial, who know who the real lenders are, constantly seek our A lenders and verify their claims to be funding, and will protect your interests to the highest degree. Don't try to navigate the ever changing lender world without a seasoned pilot, Cascade Financial, and your personal coach, Wendy Abner, M Ed.

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Construction Lending - Worldwide

2008 has been an incredible year of change in our capital markets. Wall Street has all but closed shop to commercial lending.
Cascade Financial has worked diligently to secure to the A rated lenders who are and will be in the game in the future, including a very well established syndicator/fund in Orlando,as well as a hard money lender that is the only one in the US actually closing loans for hard money.

Many of our clients have experienced this change first hand and found themselves without any direction as to where to obtain funding until they found Cascade Financial & Co. With our direct relationships with our lenders, for new construction and hard money, our clients have been able to fully fund their projects at up to 100% LTC.

Our direct lenders will lend in many markets, the US, Latin America, Europe, the Carribean, Russia, and many others.
Contact us today to have a complete review of your project.
Resorts, casinos, marinas, high rises, commercial strips, energy projects, commodities are all fundable projects.
WendyAbner@msn.com www.callcascade.com